Thursday, April 23, 2009

Facts about me

1. I love crosswords. I may not be good at them, but i love doing them.
2. I love actually going and sitting in a class and learning.
3. I Love Russian. I am happy reading anything for and about Russia. The history, culture, all of it excites and intrigues me.
4. Just got a new kitten. I think we pretty much named her Nochi, which is (I am pretty sure) the feminine form of Night in of course Russian. She is pretty much all black except for her feet and a little under her neck, and Ley came up with midnight, but we didn't like how it sounded so it was changed to night.
5. I don't make my bed until its bedtime or someone is going to see my room.
6. I let Ley's room be as messy as she wants as long as her dirty clothes are in the hamper so it doesn't smell like feet, and she can't get mad if something is stepped on.
7. I have slacked so much on Loe's education. I do teach her, but not nearly as much as I did with Ley.
8. I really like working at a hotel.
9. Because I really love office supplies.
10. I want to be either a Pediatric RN or NICU RN.
11. I am a Mac... But have to get a PC for work.
12. I am jealous slightly of my brothers new relationship (extremely happy for him too)but don't want a relationship right now.
13. I love accents. Russian is top, with British following.
14. My favorite age was 23.
15. I love school. It might be more for the office supplies, but with the option of taking an online class or going into school, despite my extreme shyness, I would prefer going into a classroom.
16. I cried when I made a B on my college math final. It brought my total grade down to a C, and it would of been my first B ever, having very low grades in High School.
17. I want a baby boy.
18. I love scary movies.
19. I also love chick flicks just as much.
20. I drink hot coco in the summer and eat ice cream in the winter.
21. I sleep with the tv on, but if i can hear a small clicking in another room I cant sleep until i stop it. When I was teen-ish I cut my brothers stereo power cord because he like falling asleep to bass. I forgot to unplug it first. :)
22.I am afraid of the dark.
23. I can't think of anything.
24. I am going to the high schools cheerleading Spring Show tonight.

Ok fun is over. Its time to finish cleaning..


dadshouse said...

My favorite age was 32. Are you Russian or part Russian? I went on a kick in my 20s where I read Russian literature like crazy. I loved Anna Karenina.

Karen said...

I wish I was either. I just have a love affair of anything Russian. I focused on it during my divorce and it grew from there. :D I am currently reading that right now!